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Male Grooming News!

By Sandra Leribaux

Nivea Men partnering with Real Madrid Football club.

Real Madrid football club have just signed a five year contract set to reach over 70 countries. This move proves that the men grooming industry is increasingly taking a bite of the beauty market.

Real Madrid with over 500 million fan base all over the world, has the highest brand value  (Forbes 2013-2016) so it only makes sense to partner with a brand that represents men that are sportive, professional and strong.

“Modern football and men care make a great match both standing for values like confidence, togetherness, passion and mastery. Therefore we are proud to bring our cooperation with a world famous football club Real Madrid to global level”, says Beiersdof CEO, Stefan F. Heidenreich

According to international study done by Nivea, it reveals that men look for quality and performance in a brand and relate more to a product if they know that professionals use them.

What do you think?


Fat or Thick

By Mutinta Marie

Hey dolls! It’s Mutinta here.

Before I get into the two completely different terms, I want to say that all of you are beautiful the way you are! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Now, let's get down to business. 

In the African culture being overweight or fat is regarded as being comfortable or coming from a well to do family. It is actually embraced in our culture. I always thought I understood the term fat and overweight as being the same but recently I have been hearing about this term “thick” and that got me thinking what is the difference of being called "thick" verses "fat." Well I did my research and the answer is quiet simple. The term 'thick' means people who carry more weight in their lower portion of their body. The person might have a pear shaped body. Being thick means being curvy. For example, Ashley Graham is a plus-size super model. She is thick and curvy. She embraces her curvy and doesn't give a flying fudge what people think of her and/or her body. The term "fat" means people carry their weight up until the top and it makes people appear like an apple shape.

I personally think I'm more of an apple shape than a pear but people perceive me differently. Being one of these shapes is completely okay! I want to make it clear to everyone again that it doesn’t matter what fruit you might look like. You are awesome. You are a beautiful pear or apple!

Calling people fat has got negative vibes and it should be avoided because it hurts people’s feelings. Rather call someone heavy boned, or thick, it’s more on the polite side.

But being called curvy is pretty cool right? Yes, it is!

What about being called “thin “or chicken legs, should the “thin “society get upset about it as well? I know that some women don’t like being called thin; they prefer to be called slender. Slender has got more of a proportional shape outlook, while a thin person in society doesn’t even have a shape; they are considered flat shaped in front and flat shaped behind. You see the issue.

In the end, we all need to be comfortable with our bodies.

What do you think?

Signing out Mutinta

Photo credits: Google


A dedicated woman- Liliane Bettencourt of L’Orèal

By Sandra Leribaux

L’orèal heiress and richest woman in the world Liliane Bettencourt died aged 94. She had an estimated net worth of $ 37 billion according to Forbes.

She greatly contributed to the success and development of L’Oréal, the company and its employees. A great and strong lady in the beauty industry that will not be forgotten.

L’orèal was founded in 1907 by Eugène Schueller, father of Bettencourt who was educated as chemist.

May she rest in peace


Our Best Pick for Men’s Fragrance 2017

By Sandra Leribaux

Looking for a change of scent? There is something for every type of man on our list. A handy list for you to know in case you are looking for birthday, Christmas or thank you gift for your loved ones, you won’t go wrong with these fragrances.

The best thing about exploring fragrances is you get to keep some samples.

Here they are:

Gucci Guilty Absolute

It has a woody & earthy linger yet very warm and soft.  A sophisticated scent decent for everyday wear.

The fragrance notes are leather while the heart notes are patchouli and cypress and the base notes are vetiver and golden wood.

L'Envol de Cartier

This is has a handsome odour of masculine power with a strong classic musk scent. It offers freshness through the mix of honey notes and wood. A true brilliance. Quite pricey but worth it.

The fragrance notes are musk, guaiac wood and the base note is honey.

Jimmy Choo Man Intense

This is a richer version of the original. This has a very overwhelming powerful scent. It’s a bewitching kind of scent that lures you in. You can wear it day or night. It’s a must have for the out-going man.

The fragrance notes are lavender, melon and mandarin orange; middle notes are Artemisia, black pepper and geranium; base notes are Tonka bean, patchouli and labdanum.

Dior Sauvage

This is masculine, raw and authentic. It’s pure elegance for that man who is strong, dominate and secure. The fragrance lures hard work and success.

The fragrance notes are Reggio Bergamot, Sichuan Pepper, and Ambroxan.

Boss Bottled Tonic

It has a refresh scent, a cool but elegant and yet sophisticated aroma, fantastic for the modern man of today. This is for clean cut chic kind of man.

The fragrance base notes are grapefruit, bitter orange, lemon and apple with heart notes of ginger and base notes of vetiver.

Joop WOW!

This is a great smell especially for the young adults. It has a bold and masculine scent that hovers around your skin. It definitely has a wow effect for the young ladies.

Listed fragrance notes of violet leaf, bergamot, cardamom, fir balsam, geranium, vetiver, and Tonka bean/vanilla.

Narciso Rodriguez for him bleu noir

My personal favorite for the list. It’s got that refined woody and musky combination scent which captures sexiness and charm. What else would you want!

The fragrance base notes are nutmeg and cardamom, with heart notes of Musk and the base notes are cedar wood, ebony and Amber.


P.S These fragrances are based on original products not fake ones.


Selected Types of Yoga

By Sandra Leribaux

There is so much you can say about yoga. The benefits are plenty and Yoga has caught on with the rest of world.  In Africa, it has taken much longer than the rest of the world but we are slowly creeping up; and this can only be a good thing.

First and Foremost, Yoga is NOT a religion.  It is a philosophy of life, I thought I should lay that to rest.

They are so many types of Yoga however we have complied a list of the most common ones that we know and simplified them.

Prenatal Yoga

This is for pregnant women. It is carefully modified for all stages of the pregnancy, their main aim is to keep/ improve your strength during and after your birth of the child. Excellent way to help with the birth of the child and to stay in shape.

Hatha Yoga

This type of yoga is all mostly physical. It increases your flexibility and your immune system. Hatha means forceful, its main aim is to open the many channels of the body. It refers to postures that align the skin, muscles and bones specifically the spine in order for the energy to move freely.


This is all about poses and adapting to learn on how to do those poses.  Vini means adaptation and differentiation and suitable application .In order to get strong and flexible VINI way is all about warming up the muscles so that you can stretch better without injury.

Vinyasa Yoga

This Yoga was adapted from Ashtanga yoga by gym fanatic westerns to suit athletes and active individuals. It’s highly popular and the poses can vary depending what the instructor is actively into in terms of sports. 

Kundalini Yoga

My personal favourite. It is also known as Laya Yoga.  It’s a spiritual Yoga lying in the base of your spine, it is theorised as coiled up serpent. Kundalini has vibrant breathing technics, physical movements, its highly meditative and chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam (meaning truth is my identity). The aim is to build physical energy and increase consciousness.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga means eight ( 8) limbs or branches. It is a very physical and athletic way of yoga.

This type of Yoga is practiced in sequential order. It comprises of correct breathing, postures and gazing point. This way the individual is supposed to gain control of their senses and deep awareness with inner self.  To able to achieve this, this means that the individual learns how to control body and mind.



Top 5 Good Uses for Baby Powder!

By Mutinta Marie

Hey dolls! Its Mutinta here!

I want to talk about one of my favorite products, Johnson's baby powder. I love this product, in my opinion it’s a ‘Must Have’ product that every lady should have in there toiletries.  It can be found at any pharmacy or shopping complex country wide.

Here are some of the reasons why I love Johnson Baby Powder

  1. Decrease grease in your hair

Simple "dry shampoo"! I recommend putting it in the palm of your hands, and then finger combing through your hair, instead of dumping the bottle of baby powder upside down on your head! They always say washing your hair every day is not good, well now, you don't have to! Although I must add it does not work for every hair type, especially for those with very hard kinky hair.

  1. Settling Make-Up

I use baby powder when I want my natural everyday look; you know the look when you go to the market or when you go to have a coffee on your own. I wear a bit of foundation, blush, mascara, and baby powder!  Lightly sprinkle baby powder into the palms of your hands and pat it on your face and smooth it out with a blush brush. This acts as a settler for your make-up!

  1. For socks/shoes/gym bags

Another use for baby powder is to use it to sprinkle some in your shoes and socks and gym bags for a quick refresher and it helps keep odours at bay. Sprinkle some in your slippers or shoes so that when you step out of the shower and slip into slippers the powder helps sooth and smooth your skin.

  1. Thicker lashes

Most women long for those "movie star" lashes, but don't want to deal with false lashes! I read this one online and thought to myself "NO WAY!” But YES, it works! You need an extra lash brush for this "trick", so be prepared! Apply your mascara, then sprinkle some powder in your hand, run a lash brush through it and apply to your still damp lashes. Allow to dry, and then repeat a layer of mascara. Continue this until you have reached your desired thickness.

  1. Freshens mattresses between changing sheets

Next time you change your bedding's, sprinkle baby powder on your mattress! This soaks up odour, freshens the mattress and will actually make your fitted sheet feel cooler and smell nice when you get in your bed.

What do you think?

Signing out Mutinta



Creativity has no limit! Perfumed Lingerie!

By Sandra Leribaux


Masterpiece collaboration between By Kilian, a French fragrance brand and Fleur du Mal, a French luxury brand. The founders Kilian Hennessy and Jennifer Zuccarini have been able to create a phenomenal collection of lingerie that activates perfume with movement and heat.

“There is something intriguing and intimate about fragrances and lingerie that always I wanted to explore Zuccarini says, with this collection we’ve been able to add an element of sensuality that enhances the experience of intimacy “

The premium brand ‘Love, Don’t Be Shy’ Fragrance is released when the wearer moves and warms up.

My first question would be how long does the fragrance last on the lingerie? Does the fragrance wash away once you wash the lingerie?

I am wondering if this would work in Zambia, number one, it’s pretty hot in Zambia, our bodies are constantly warm.

Maybe just wearing the lingerie on a date, let’s say dinner or a movie maybe that can work, right?

Or only wear it for special occasions with a special someone?

The collection was launched in November 2017. It will be interesting to see the feedback on them!

Very interesting concept!

What do you think?


Photo credits: Fleur du Mal




Malaika Firth & Ghost Dream Fragrance

By Sandra Leribaux

She is the new Brand Ambassador for Ghost Dream Fragrance!

Whenever I hear any African born person making it big, I get sooooooooooooooo happy, I say good on them! And thanks for mentioning your Mother AFRICA.

Kenyan born British Model has become the first black model for nearly 20 years to be featured in a PRADA campaign since her predecessor Naomi Campbell.

Ghost dream has been created for the young women who embrace their femininity   and independence.

The fragrance is floral and carries notes of Moroccan Orange which works well with the 100% natural Rose Essential. It also contains Egyptian Jasmine, Violet and including a unique Aqua flora note.

Try it ladies!

We say well done to MALAIKA !

18/ 10/2017

My Daily Beauty Tips Rituals 

By Mutinta Marie

Hi ladies Mutinta here!

As woman, it’s safe to say we all want to feel and look beautiful. Our nightmare as women is finding the right products, routine, balance and time to ensure that we can keep ourselves looking on point! So I decided to share my beauty rituals with you all.

Sleep and Exercise

I don’t play when it comes to my sleep, which is sometimes challenging because I am a night owl but I make sure I have my seven hours of sleep, this is non-negotiable for me. With exercising even 10 minute workouts goes along way, or try some bed time yoga? Don’t underestimate the body’s need for exercise.


I drink a lot of water and I love my teas.  In my tea, I don’t even take sugar. I don’t drink any sugary beverages such as coke, fanta, etc.; I am more of a juice kind of girl. Eliminating sugary drinks helps promote a cleaner immune system, and promotes clearer skin. Alcohol such as beer, wines and spirits have a high content of sugar, and I am sure you all have seen those pot bellies from both men and women. Sugar equals gaining weight! The point here is to be careful of sugary delicious goodies; they normally tend to go in the wrong places on our body, just saying!

Balanced Diet

Just go vegan! You will live long and healthy and you will look young forever, just look at our founding Father KK. If you can go that route, do it! I like food so, very difficult for me to go that route.  I would recommend eating more veggies, less red meat, say bye-bye to that T-bone and more of white meat such as chicken and fish. Try to avoid eating more than necessary, start by drinking a glass or two of water first before eating that will help you not to over eat.

Natural Products for Skin and Hair

These list below are my favorites, also I personally think they are cost effective and pretty easy to find anywhere in Zambia. Just ensure that they are genuine products.

My number one favorite is Shea butter, I just love it! I also use pure vanilla oil; extra virgin coconut oil, Jamaican black castor oil, and Extra virgin olive oil all serve different purposes for your hair and skin.

Makeup Removal Regimen

 Makeup is fun for me. My must have makeup products are concealer, mascara, and lip gloss, can’t live without them, hell no! Removing my makeup before I go to bed is a must, no matter what, and braiding my afro so that it stays tangle-free before I go to bed is also a must.

 I also use Vaseline blue seal for my eyelashes in order for them to grow and I also apply Vaseline around my eye area, I hear it’s a cheaper way to continue looking young, wink wink!

Love Yourself

 It is powerful magic to love who you see in the mirror! Love yourself first. It will bring out the beauty inside and out of you.

Positive Self-Talk

A positive mental attitude is my biggest beauty secret of all. Complement yourself. Being beautiful doesn’t have to bust your budget. Applying any one of these recommendations to your personal health and beauty regimen will guarantee an improvement in how you look and feel.

What do you think?


Men that are groomed!

By Sandra Leribaux

Oh yes! Those men who have that clean look!

You know ladies what I am talking about. Right!

And guys, you know those guys you look at and deep down you are jealously envious on how good they look.

They just look pampered. They look rich and untouchable.

But all what it is; is good old fashion ‘taking care of me attitude’ to be adopted.

Let me share some tips on how to look impeccable at all times. The best thing is to make a habit on doing these tips.

  1. Find a barber – make an appointment for the next hair cut while you are doing your hair. Be proactive and not reactive. People should not notice that you need a haircut! God no!
  2. Use hair products. If you need help with that, then ask the barber or a trusted source. Our suggestion is use Nivea Men for a start.
  3. Scrub your face minimum twice a week, this helps with taking out the dead skin and eventually having that flawless skin.
  4. Your facial hairs that stick out, you know, like your nose hair, or hair sticking out your ears, please just trim them. Please guys.
  5. Take care of your feet, regular pedicure is advised. What is regular, you can do it on a monthly base but every quarter is also just fine. And don’t forget to tip your technician!
  6. Those manicured hands, regular manicure is advised. What is regular, with the hands it’s a bit difficult , if you work with your hands a lot then do it on a monthly base, if you don’t , then we suggest on quarterly base. And don’t forget to tip your technician here too!
  7. Have a signature scent. I cannot express how attractive this is. Just find your scent that speaks to you. Some people do disagree with this last point but personally I think it’s a good thing.


What do you think?


Woman & Beauty

By Sandra Leribaux

We know that women want to be physically attractive and they want to be perceived as such. Individual’s looks are important because it correlates with how they feel about themselves and how they see beauty in themselves and others.

What is being beautiful?

What we have discovered is that being beautiful can be interpreted in so many different ways.

One way is the physical aspect of well-defined features BUT mainly and for the majority it is the result of qualities and circumstances. Such as, being happy, doing activities they enjoy, being kind, displaying dignity and humour, having confidence, having close relationship and being loved. These women who have these attributes look and feel beautiful and they are beautiful.

What do you think?


High Five for the Beauty Bloggers

By Sandra Leribaux

MAC does it again!

MAC is set to launch a set of Lipsticks curated by 10 beauty influencers across the world. With each of the social media star having created their own lipstick collection.

This comes about to reconfirm that using social media is crucial for beauty players. Hence our blog J

Mac has put the bloggers at the fore front and is enabling them to create an authentic links between the brand and its endorsers.

Mac has also followed in the footsteps of L’Oréal Paris, Maybelline and Cover Girl using a male model…… Diversity is important for MAC.

Using male models in make-up might not just work for our Zambian market, not just quite YET but it’s good to know that the brands we love are all about diversity.

We shall keep you informed!

Source: Cosmetic Design


Love is in the air

The day we celebrate love. To all those who are in love,

To those who have love

And to all those looking for love

We wish you a romantic day and

Happy Valentines to ALL


Kuthuta Yoga @ Plot 5463 Kariba Road, Kalundu Lusaka

Contact details:  +260 96 6728911



Interview with Mima

There are so many types of Yoga in this world.

‘Kuthuta Yoga is about using the ancient art of yoga to unify our body, mind and spirt, directing our life, Prana or breathe... Kuthuta means to breath’.

Mima believes that she got her yoga influence through her mothers. Her mother used practice Yoga while she was pregnant. We personally think that is a beautiful.

Mima practiced yoga on and off during her years as a young adult although she seriously started as a professional after she finished her training Cape Town from 2007-2009. She specialises in Hatha Yoga.

We asked her a few questions on what the benefits of Yoga and also of the myths of yoga that people wonder about. We also wanted to know her opinion on why she thinks it’s worthwhile for everyone to at least try out one time in their life.

First and foremost Yoga is not a religion. Yoga can be described as a philosophy, a spiritual and a physical practice. Just to make it simple.

 Yoga has only benefits. 

  • The most essential thing she reckons is that yoga releases stress. We all have busy lives and yoga has a way of realising that unneeded stress. And lets your body unwind
  • It keeps you fit and works on both inner and outer side of your body. It helps with your flexibility
  • It balances your hormones
  • It helps you with posture and it helps you sleep better and more
  • Your blood pressure goes down and it helps with back ace
  • It helps your mind open and increases your awareness

She says there is a whole list of fantastic advantages and all that you need is patience and time. In the end it’s your body and your body is your vessel for everything so better treat it right always.

It’s a beautiful and self-nurturing practice you can do for your body soul and mind. Mima’s clientele come from all walks of life from cooperate women to nuns.

Come over and try it!

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