A glimpse of Beauty Trends

 Ajali Handmade Natural.  It is a 100% natural beauty product range crafted in Nigeri


A glimpse of Beauty Trends 2018

Nigeria stood out in 2017 due to the product called Ajali Handmade Natural. Their product has been able to capture international interest. Well done to the ladies

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A glimpse of Beauty Trends 2018

Male Grooming

Google research has picked out male grooming as one the 4 key trends for the industry to watch. This is especially for men’s skincare especially in the following countries Japan, France and the US.


Beauty Trends of 2018

By Sandra Leribaux

This is our first publication of Beauty Trends. We are excited to share with you what the global projections are for the personal care and cosmetic industry for 2018. From what we have seen in 2017, we believe that we can safely predict the trends that will be significant in 2018. We want to ensure that our followers are aware of the new and exciting changes that will be coming up globally. So here is our take of the beauty market.

Download our publication here : Beauty World Zambia Beauty Trends of 2018