Beauty Spot @ Twin Palm Mall, Lusaka


Address: Twin Palm Mall, Ibex Hill
Contact details:  0972481518




Interview with Sara

Beauty Spot is located at the Twin Palm Mall. It is an up market hair salon offering a variety of beauty service from nail service, hair service, make-up and barber service.

At Beauty Spot you can enjoy the fresh and clean ambiance of the place, the professionalism is first class and their standards are at international levels.

They stand out in terms of their standards and they offer a decorated area dedicated for children hair service, which is absolutely cute and what we call catering for age groups.

Make –Up & Beauty Section

Sara is the make-up artist and the beauty specialists in charge of this department. She has 2 years’ experience in the beauty industry.

It’s obvious she is passionate about skin care and makeup.  She explains to us that she ensures that her clients are well informed on how to look after their skin. She reckons if people take their time to do facials then she feels it’s her duty as beautician to encourage and inform them of the benefits and trends of the industry.  She in turn makes sure that she keeps up to date with the industry trends. She says facials are getting more popular and she thinks it’s a good thing because it shows that people love themselves and want to look good.

Sara offers 2 sets of facial treatments and offers body and facial wax treatments: Mini and full facial

Beauty Spot in house facial treatments products are:

Garnier products: Masks, facewash, cleansers, creams and scrubs for all skin types

Himalaya Products:  Face wash, scrubs, cream and masks for all skin types

Waxing: They use Marika products and they offer arm, legs, under arm, and facial waxing


Having a make-up artist to do your face up for an occasion is becoming more and more popular. We have customers coming to our premises and we also do house calls. Occasionally people do come with their own foundation although they are fully equipped.

Beauty Spot has a full range of make-up to suit all skin types. Their in-house brands are:

  • Black Opal
  • L’orel
  • Revlon

Sara enjoys doing make up.  She loves to make someone feel more confident about themselves and making them feel beautiful. What is trending now in the make-up world for Zambia in her opinion is contouring. She says that contouring can transform someone to have a younger look, sophisticated or mature, the choices are endless.

Hair Service

They offer all types of weaving & braiding from open & closed weaving, closures, invisible shading, razor cuts, bob, micro bonding short to long weaves and many more.

In their opinion the trends for weaving is closed weaves.

Braiding they offer mukele, and all types of braiding such as afro braiding, box braiding, twist braiding and many more.

Hair Treatments

Their in house hair relaxers are the following:

Olive Oil, Dark & Lovely and Revlon and some customers come with their own relaxers.

For hair treatments, their in house products are :

Hair Mayonnaise, Cholesterol, Henna and Hot oil treatments

In house shampoos are Paul Mitchel and Bio Sense

They don’t use any Zambian Products.


Lovely setting for the nail section.

Mildred is the nail technician and has 4 years’ experience. She is self-taught and practiced through friends and family and then had a few years of professional experience via a previous employer.

Mildred is very professional and somewhat shy but you can see she prides herself with her knowledge; she enjoys her job very much. She also informs all her customers on how to treat and take care of the nails at home.

They offer Gel, Acrylic, stick-on, manicure and pedicure.

Their in house nail service products are only OPI from products to nail colour.

Overall we have rated Beauty Spot very highly. Their standards are on an international level. The staffs are an absolute delight to chat with. The hair salon is spot less and has a great ambiance. Lucky are those in the neighbourhood. This is a place that you can actually relax and feel as if you are treating yourself with some TLC. That is the way it should be.

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