Chika’s Beauty Parlour@ Kweshako Shopping Centre in Avondale


Contact details: +260 977 50554 / 096 249 1919 

Interview with Memory



Chika has been in Avondale for 8 years. They have established a very good reputation in the area and are still going on strong. They offer hair and nail service.

They have 5 hair dressers who are highly experienced and trained. They also get training on customer service.

They offer weaving and braiding hair styles of all types. Memory reckons that the trend in her area is moving from weaving to mukele. More customers are requesting mukele or braiding. Many customers are moving to the more natural look and natural hair.  She thinks that weaving is slowly going out of fashion. But then again she says it’s very seasonal.

In braiding they can do most of the hair styles that customers ask, although the most common are twists, box braiding and bob. In weave, they can do most hair styles although the most common are open & close weave, invisible, lace fronts and micro bonding.

Their hair service compromises of relaxing, treatments and dyes.

Their in house hair relaxers are Dark & Lovely, Beautiful Beginnings, Olive Oil, Soft & Free and Revlon. They also have customers coming with their own relaxers.

The hair treatments they offer are Henna, Hair Mayonnaise, Cholesterol and Elite treatments.

The dye’s they offer are from Organic- Olive oil products and they use bleach for wigs or hair extensions.

The Zambian products that they use are Tina hair shampoo and Ebony hair extensions.

On the nail service side

Memory did her nail course in China in nails and nail art. The nail services they offer are stick on, manicure and pedicure and nail art.

The products they use are NK, Miss Rose and Tevez

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