Dear Merci Beauty Parlour – Northmead Area


East Side Plaza shop No.6, Northmead, Lusaka

Contact details: +260 977 863 426



Interview with Fiston

Dear Merci has 8 employees all specialising in their different fields.  We spoke with Fiston who has been the manager for 10 years and is also the nail technician expert. The hair salon offers nail, hair and make-up services.


Nail Service

BWZ: How long have you been doing nails?

Fiston: I have been doing nails for 10 years.

BWZ: How did learn your skills as a nail technician?

Fiston: I learned by myself and I am very good and I consider myself an expert and one of the best in the industry.

BWZ: What type of nail service do you offer?

Fiston: I do Acrylic, stick-on’s, gel, basic manicure and pedicure

BZW: What type of products do you use?

Fiston: I use Planet nails brand. For nail polish brand I use Jordana, LA and Essie colours.

 BWZ:   Do use any Zambian Products for Nails

Fiston: I don’t think they are any Zambian products, I use planet nails because they are reliable and I have been using them for years and I trust their products.


Weaving & Braiding

BWZ: What type of weaving and braiding do you offer?

Fiston: We offer open, closed, closure, short, and razor cut weaves and with braiding we offer mukele, and all types of braiding, we can do any style that the customer wants.


Hair Service

Their in house relaxing products are: Olive Oil Organic and Revlon. They also have customers coming with their own brands of relaxers. They also offer hair treatments with Hair Mayonnaise from organic, cholesterol and Henna. They also have a special concoction for damaged hair and hairline. They are very good at cutting hair styles, and they say they can do any hair style cut that the customer wants. They offer free conditioning when customers wash there their hair.


 Make-Up service

Interview with Sofia

Sofia has 3 years’ experience in make-up, she uses Iman brand she likes the brand and she says it’s a very good brand. She also has a lot of customers who come with their own foundation.


A very vibrant group of people working there, you can see the team spirit is very high. They are professional and friendly. We liked seeing the confidence that has been spurred and challenge of saying he is the best in the industry, yes, we like that! We think they want to have high standards although they could do better with the surrounding to achieve a better standard. Despite that the atmosphere is warm and friendly.

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