God Gives Beauty Parlour – Northmead Area


East Side Plaza No.8, Northmead, Lusaka

Tel: +260 977 77 5512



Interview with Mweya

This beauty Parlour offers services from hair dressing, barber service and nail service.

BWZ: How long have you been operating in Lusaka

Mweya: We have been operating for 5 years

BWZ: What made you open a hair salon?

Mweya:  I wanted to be independent.

BWZ: How did you learn how to do hair?

Mweya: I learned by myself, just by looking and trying on my family and friends until I was confident.

BWZ: What is your hair speciality?

Mweya: Everything. But weaving is our most requested. We do the entire range of style, open, close, fringe, razor cut, invisible shading, bonding and closures.

BWZ: Do you offer braiding as well

Mweya:  Yes we do, our most common is picking.


Interview with the barber David Mukeya

BWZ: How long have you been a Barber for?

David: I have been a barber for 8 years

BWZ: What made you start being a barber?

David: I like the job and I have always wanted to do this since I was young

BWZ: How did you learn to be a barber?

David: I learned by myself.

BWZ: What type of haircuts do you offer?

David: I offer all of them; I can do all of them.

BWZ: Have you only worked in Lusaka or have you worked elsewhere in Zambia

David: I have only worked in Lusaka

BWZ: What do you like the most about your job?

David: I like it because I make people look nice and everyone wants to look nice.


Interview with Nail Technician Bwalya

BWZ: How long have you been a nail technician?

Bwalya: For 1 year

BWZ: Where did you learn to do nails?

Bwalya: I taught myself, I used to practice on my mother a lot

BWZ: What techniques do you offer?

Bwalya: Acrylic and stick-on’s

BWZ: What products do you use?

Bwayla: I use Pink Pro and Sassi Professional Nails



The place is very basic. First impression is that it looks run down but I guess it works well when it’s full of people. You don’t notice the unpleasantly surrounding when there are a number of people in the salon.  The staffs are pleasant and accommodating. The hair dressers speak the local language but can understand English.

Though we need to add that, even though they were not busy when we called upon them several times they took a while for them to get organised just to have an interview, which was unfortunately quite disappointing.

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