Amazing Grace – Chelston Area


Chelston Market 359

Contact details: +260 978 8681 80  



Interviewed Sandra & Agnes

Amazing Grace hair salon is six years old and they have a total of four (4) hair dressers. They offer hair services such as relaxing and hair treatments, weaving, braiding and basic nail service.

BWZ:  How did you become a hair dresser?

Sandra: I taught myself since I was 15 years old

BWZ: How long have you been working as a hair dresser?

Sandra: I have been working professionally for 5 years

BWZ: What do you specialise in?

Sandra: I specialise in weaving, I am very good!

BWZ: What do you offer in weaving?

Sandra:  I do razor cut, invisible shade, open & closed weave, lace-fronts, I can do most of the styles in weaves

BWZ: What do you think the trend is now in weaving in your opinion?

Sandra: Now I get many requests for long weaves and I think it’s because of the change of weather

BWZ: What do you like the most of being a hair dresser?

Sandra: I like being independent and I hope one day I can have my very own hair salon 


Braiding & Mukele

BWZ: How long have you been a hair dresser for?

Agnes: I have 6 years of professional experience

BWZ: How did you learn how to do hair?

Agnes:  Where I grew up my neighbour was actually a hair salon and I used to do chores for them and I started off with washing people’s hair to eventually learning how to relax hair

BWZ: What is your speciality?

Agnes: I can say closed weaves and picking I am very good at.

BWZ: What do you think the trends are now in your opinion?

Agnes: Most of my requests are for closed weaves  


Nail Service

BWZ: What type of nail service do you offer?

Sandra: We only offer stick- on’s

BWZ: Did you get any training on how to do Nails?

Sandra: No I also just taught myself

BWZ: What products do you use for Nails?

Sandra: I use a product called Fantasis el suttan and I use NK Nail polish.  


Hair service

Both Agnes and Sandra offer the hair and treatment services. They offer Retouch & Steaming. There in house products are Dark & Lovely, Olive Oil, Soft & Free, Revlon and Ultra Sheen. For treatments their in house products are Henna, Hair Mayonnaise, Cholesterol and Elite. They also have a number of customers who come with their own products for retouch

The only Zambian product that they use is shampoo called Elite.  


BWZ Critics

Nice bunch of ladies, very lively and very determined. The place is clean and reasonably sized. The atmosphere is very homey and relaxed. The ladies can understand English well but they prefer to converse in their dialect. For our Chelston readers try these ladies out and share your experience with us.

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