Meet Jessie- Professional Make-Up Artist


Jessie is a dynamic young lady and has 3 years’ experience as a make-up artist. She got her training from Mac. She is also a freelancer Make-up artist and does different types of occasions from wedding functions to school dances.

Jessie has always been passionate about make-up since she was young and loved playing around her mother’s face.

She started the use of concealer already in 2007, when many didn’t even know about it.

‘I love doing people’s faces; I am fascinated by people’s faces. I just want to make people look beautiful.  I love being creative, I can look at someone face and I have a rush of ideas that come to me and I have to calm myself and ask what the customer wants.’

Jessie keeps up to date with Mac make -up brand but she keeps up to date with all things beauty she says!

She is dynamic and has a lot going for her and its very obvious that she is passionate for her work and wants to achieve more and that is why she is also studying international business to have a better understanding of the business environment on an international scale. We say way to go and we will be knocking on your door to see how you progress. Good luck

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