MMB Salon – Northmead Area


Corner Mall

Shop No. 3

Northmead Lusaka

Contact details: +260 979 755 411



Interview with Musonda

We had a lovely chat with Musonda who is the Manager of MMB. We caught up with her while she was busy braiding her hair. MMB have been operating in Lusaka Northmead for 10 years. They have a staff of nine (9).They are proud that they have long standing staff, the oldest staff being with them for 7 years! That is very impressive in this industry. The owner is an experienced hair dresser also self-taught and she teaches the staff on certain techniques. All staff is picked by the owner. They have an established clientele from all walks of life and coming from different parts of the country. This salon is known for BRAIDING that is their speciality. They also offer hair relaxing, weaving and nail service. They offer promotions during festive season mainly Easter and Christmas.

They offer the following braiding technique but not limited to these:

Box Braids, Nubian Twist, Micro Braids, Twists and all types of Mukele (Cornrows)

I must add that I witness some stunning mukele from them. It made me want to do it myself. (I eventually did). There price range for braiding and Mukele is from K150-K200.

They also offer weave techniques such as closed, open, razor cut, bonding, micro bonding, bob and lace fronts weaving. The prices for weave is from K120- K150.


Hair Relaxing

MMB in house relaxing products are Olive Oil and Soft & Sheen. Although, most of their clients bring their own relaxers to them. The hair pomades they have in house are Blue Magic, Dax and African Potato hair food. They offer NO TREATEMENTS for natural hair.


They offer Tips and Basic Manicure. The brands that they use are NK, Charm Max and HX nail polish. Price Range is K150.



The braiding and Mukele is exquisite and done very neat. These young ladies know what they are doing. The hair dressers are more comfortable speaking the local languages although they do understand English very well. We observed that they were very polite and very friendly to their individual customers, you could tell that most of the customers who were there must have been regulars.

The place is very basic, and has no luxury aspect at all. It’s a place that you should not expect first class service but you will definitely find a warm welcome and your end result will make you come back and do those braids again.

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