Meet Nomsa – Professional Make-up Specialist


Nomsa is a professional make-up artist and has 3 years’ experience as specialist. She is also the Manger of the Mac store in Lusaka. We had a lovely interview with her and this is what she had to say.

‘I previously worked as a beauty advisor for the Foschini Group.  I was fully trained by the Ester Lauder Institute in South Africa.

As a manager at Mac I don’t fully get to do so much of the make –up stuff that I really love to do but I still feel myself as a make-up artist to the core. It is my job to make sure that all the make-up artists and I stay up to date with the make-up trends, especially for Mac of course.    But I personally think I am very lucky because I feel as if my job is a playground to be creative in the make-up world.

I grew up a as a tom boy but was always very artistic. For example my favourite sports is Formula 1, I still have the boyish thing in me. I  discovered her hidden gem through a friend, I was just playing around with her face, no one took me serious, neither did I but surprisingly that make over I did was brilliant! Subsequently,  I was pretty good at transforming or let me say beautifying friends’  and after a few of these transformations , well,  that was the point of no return I was hooked, I was even more hooked when I learned that you can have a very good career out of it. I got really inspired by a Zambian Make-up artist named Bwalya Nawa, who lives in the USA .She was one of the makeup artists in Captain America 1. I thought it was such a great achievement and I hope that one day in Zambia we can get such opportunities in our own country.’

Nomsa expertise is in contouring, she says that it brings out the best in people. Your features get more enhanced and contouring can easily transform you and make you gorgeous.

She also said she learned not to tell people what their best features are because 9/10 people think differently and they get disappointed when you tell them your professional opinion. She says people are sensitive so I learned to keep my mouth shut. Unless they really really insist.

Nomsa is also a freelance make-up artist and does private functions and weddings

Nomsa is a vibrant young lady and full of ambition and life.

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