Olipa’s Dreadlocks – Northmead Area


Northmead Market, 

Shop No. 41, Lusaka

Contact details: +260 0977 64 8891



Interview with Olipa

This is a busy little place, we tried to interview several times and it was an nightmare to squeeze in some time.

Mrs Olipa is a specialist in dreadlocks and has 13 years’ experience in doing dreadlock’s. She is an expert in her own right. Olipa’s dreadlocks has been operating for 3 years in Northmead, she started off with 2 workers and now she has 5 workers. She trained all her staff herself just like how she was trained by her previous employees.

She only specialises in dreadlocks and offers different types of styles, such as shaggy hair locks, fock locks, dreadlocks, and bantu locks. These are real dreadlock, using your own hair!! No extensions. They also offer dying the locks, which is also quite common.

BWZ: What type of products do you use?

Olipa: I use Stylin Dredz and Jabu Stone products for dreadlocks these are South African products

BWZ: How long does it take to grow your own dreadlocks?

Olipa: You need patience to grow the locks and it all depends how well you look after the hair and how often you treat it. It is hard to say some it takes a few months and you see the difference

BWZ: What type of extra work needs to be done after you have done dreadlocks?

Olipa: We inform customers how they should look after their dread locks, for example we tell them to sleep with wrapper and use a shower cap when showering.  We also inform them of the type of products they can use.  They need to come for retouch every 2 weeks if they want their dreadlocks to look healthy strong and nice

BWZ: What is your clientele like?

Olipa: We have a mixed clientele both men and women, but we have definitely more women customers than men.



Very professional staff, they clearly know what they are doing. It’s a small place at the market but its clean and decent and smells of bee wax.  All the staff showed confidence and they all had something to say. A fun place to do your dreadlock. Definitely recommending this place!

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