Theresa Salon – Northmead Area


Northmead Market

shop no. 66 Lusaka



Interview with Theresa

A lively lady doing it for self .She is confident and determined person. Having high hopes for her salon.  She has 1 employee.

BWZ: How long have you been a hair dresser?

Theresa:  I have been doing hair for 8 years

BWZ: What made you want to be a hairdresser?

Theresa: To be independent. I taught myself, I used do my neighbours hair, in the end I ended up doing many people  in my neighbourhood for free.

BWZ: What services do you offer?

Theresa: We offer, braiding, weaves, hair treatments and nail service

BWZ: What is your speciality?

Theresa: Mostly weaving & braiding

BWZ: What kind of weave style do you offer?

Theresa: I do bob, long & short, micro bonding, closure and invisible

BWZ: And in braiding what do you offer?

Theresa:  I do mostly picking of all sizes and mukele and recently I get a lot of request for twist.

BWZ: What products do you use in the hair treatments?

Theresa: My in-house products are Dark & Lovely, Olive Oil Organic, Soft & Free , Revlon and Dr.Miracles, although I do have some clients who come with their own relaxers

BWZ: What nail service do you offer?

Theresa: We offer Acrylic and stick-on’s only and basic manicure and pedicure

BWZ: How did you learn how to do nails?

Theresa: I learned by myself, it’s very easy for me.

BWZ: What products do you use?

Theresa: I use Planet Nails brand and for nail polish I use NK and Gabrini



It is a tiny space, its clean and sufficient for what they offer. A very confident and lively lady and she is very proud of her achievement. You can see that she takes pride in her work.  She was very excited and nervous about the interview but she did wonderfully well. We wish her best.

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