Touch of Excellence – Kabwata Area


Kabwata Market  shop No. 314

Contact details: +260 977 686 278



Interview with Cynthia

This hair dresser is in the heart of Kabwata Market. Kabwata is a middle class area in Lusaka full of life and entertainment.

Touch of Excellence has three (3) hair dressers and offers hair service such as treatments and retouch .They offer braiding, weaving as well as make-up and nail service. They also sale Mac make –up products in the shop as well as wigs and hair extensions.

BWZ: How long have you been a hair dresser for?

Cynthia: I have 16 years’ experience?

BWZ: How did you learn to be a hair dresser?

Cynthia:  I have natural talent; I started by watching other people do hair. For a very long time I was doing hair for fun and doing my family or friends. Its only 3 years ago I decided to open my own hair salon.

BWZ: What made you open a hair salon without you ever working in a hair salon?

Cynthia: I believe it was my calling from God and I always wanted to be independent so I took the calling very seriously

BWZ: What do you specialise in?

Cynthia: I specialise in weaving, I offer invisible shading, micro bonding, razor cut, closed & open weaving and closures of all types

BWZ: What type of braiding do you offer?

Cynthia: Mukele is very popular we do a lot of different styles for both adults and kids. We also offer braiding of all types and sizes. The cost vary form K150-K200

BWZ: What do you think is the trend in your opinion?

Cynthia: Right now, its razor cuts and closures are very popular


 Make-up & Nail service

Make-Up is done by Delina Kayumba ,

Contact details: + 260 977 2012 13

Delina has had 2 years’ experience in doing make-up and she is self-taught via you tube. She loves make up, she sees it as a hobby. Make –up service varies between K150-K300

They use Mac Make-up and Amekay Make-up

They have all shades of foundation and concealers.

They offer services to weddings, kitchen parties and any special occasions. They also do house calls.

For the nail service they offer Acrylic and Gel nails. The product they use is Pinkey Brand and NK for nail polish

The only Zambian product they use is Sky fall hair shampoo

They don’t offer promotions because there prices are already very reasonable.


BWZ Critic

A close net hair salon, its small basic and clean. It has all it needs for the local market. These ladies are professional and very determined to make a good impression to every customer that walks in.

For our Kabwata readers we recommend that you try them out and tell us about your experience there.

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