Zodwa Hair – Chilenje Kangwa Area


Shop No. 6 Chilenge Kangwa

Contact details:  +260 977300340



Interview with Zodwa

Zodwa is in a part of Chilenge called Kangwa. Its busy vibrant salon and you can feel the energy as soon as you walk in.

Zodwa is the owner of the hair salon. It was a mission to try to get an interview with her because of her tight time schedule of hair appointments.  We in turn kept ourselves busy with the rest of her staff members who were very accommodating and enthusiastic.  With Zodwa we had to rely on technology to finally get an interview with her!

Zodwa has all in all 5 hair dressers and a nail technician

BWZ: How long have you been a hair dresser for?

Zodwa: I have been a hair dresser for 10 years now

BWZ: How did you learn to be a hair dresser?

Zodwa:  As an orphan, I had to find a skill to survive, so I learned how to do hair to survive, all by myself.

BWZ: How long has your staff been working for Zodwa?

Zodwa:  Since I opened in 2009, they have been with me. They are the heart and soul of this place too.

BWZ: How can you describe your team of hair dresser as an owner?

Zodwa: They are vibrant and energetic, a very positive bunch. I wouldn’t be where I am without them

BWZ: What is your expertise?

Zodwa:  I am very good at hair extensions especially in weaving

Zodwa hair salon offers all the other hair services such as hair relaxing, hair dying and treatments. There in-house products for hair relaxing  is Organic & Carson brand, Dark & Lovely  and Easy Waves and they offer Hot oil treatments for conditioning. They also use Zambian products called 7 miracles for dying purpose.


Nails & Lashes

The nail & lashes service is done by Chola. He has 5 years’ experience in doing nails and lashes. He said he always had a passion for beauty and he got into it via a friend and that was the best thing he ever did. He likes beautifying things, he laughs.

He offers stick-on, gel, Acrylic, manicure and pedicures. His favourite nail technique is doing simple art forms, he says, that makes any lady stand out.

The products he uses are Planet nails and OPI products he uses NK and mac nail polish.  

With lashes, he has all sizes, suitable for all type of occasions or for everyday use. He uses Charming Lashes and Ardell Lash brands. He swears by the products that it does not hurt the eyes and they also offer remove the lashes out when its due.

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