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What are the summer colours?


What is trending are natural, nude, neon’s and pastel colours making waves in the limelight.  They are gorgeous colours very hard to resist and very easy to make your outfit complete.


They are some many beautiful colours out there BUT here are our top 4 colours.


Essie Nail Polish: Sunshine Sate on Mind

This colour just shouts out SUMMER here I am, its bright but in a subtle way. It gives a good mood feel to your entire look!

China Glaze: In whats she Dune

This is a natural nude colour, for those who want to go under the radar. It has a summer shimmer and metallic finish to it .We think it’s pretty classy colour.

Marc Jacobs Enamoured Nail in Peep

This is all about Pastel colours being the thing this year. You can’t go wrong and why not Pink?  Love this colour.

Jin Soon: Electric Blues

This colour is for the daring, it’s refreshing, it may not be the most appropriate shade for work but it’s a fun colour for the weekend.  This colour looks stunning especially on your feet!

17/ 11/2017

NK Nail Polish

By Mutinta Marie


Hey dolls its Mutinta here.

I have discovered that a lot of Nail Technicians in Zambia use the brand NK nail polish (Nicka K Cosmetics).

I have tried a variety of nail polishes but I had not tried NK, so I decided   to find out exactly what is so special about this particular brand. I took a trip to Chelston to find a Nail Technician that uses the NK brand. I must say, they are quite a few, so I settled for a lady called Cindy. I choose her because she had a range of NK colours. I ended up buying the same colour that was painted on me, in case I need to touch up. My nails were done very well, the polish actually lasted for a few days without chipping, I like the thickness of the polish and the richness of the colour and the price is reasonable. Overall I give the brand a pass with flying colours with the quality and the price. The goodness is; you can find the NK brand, in a lot of places in Lusaka.

Lastly, I would advise you to make sure when you are purchasing a bottle of NK nail polish you should make sure that it is the original as there are many fakes. The way that you can differentiate the fake with the original is by looking underneath the bottle of the nail polish; if there is a number underneath you should know it is fake and if there is the manufacturer and brand name underneath then it’s the real deal.

#fakeproducts Awareness

What do you think?

Signing out Mutinta


Acrylic and Gel nails effects when NOT used properly

By Sandra Leribaux

Dermatologists in the UK are seeing an increase number of the general population with Sensitisation and this is seen with patients using home nail kits.

In Zambia, probably many do not go to dermatologist unless they have something really severe with their skin but I think it’s worthwhile to know what type of infections, allergies and/or diseases you can get because of using products incorrectly.

It is key to highlight the importance of following the use instructions carefully, and that nail systems should only be used with the corresponding LED or UV lamp which is specified by the manufacturer.

‘A key aspect to light-cured nails is the use of the correct light source with the specific nail product.  If the incorrect light source is used, or if the time allowed for curing is not sufficient, higher levels of the monomer remain on the nail. It is the monomer that has the potential to cause a reaction. Avoiding excessive skin exposure, i.e. to the skin around the nail itself, is also important’

Hence, yes, it may be cheaper to do things by yourself but please make sure you really know what you are doing.

On the other hand, if you do go do your nails start with getting professionals who are certified. They are out there, use them and do not use someone who claims she knows what she is doing because she watched it on YouTube like 100 times. We need to start demanding professionalism in all industries.

‘While any resulting contact dermatitis is in itself an unpleasant condition for the consumer to develop, there are other possible implications.   The ingredients in build-up nails have a wide range of applications, including in certain medical and dental procedures.  If an individual develops an allergy to their nail applications, this can have implications for any future dental and medical procedures’


Source: Cosmetic Design



By Peggy Kalonga Banda



Ladies and gentlemen, we all know MANGA and we all hate it, right?


Let’s just put this on the table. It’s just purely shameful for a lady or gentleman to have manga. No one wants to be scratched by manga it’s just embarrassing and if you ask me its grounds for a major relationship fight!

Let’s explore manga and go deep into it!

The skin on our feet is naturally very dry unlike the rest of the skin on our body. Cracked feet or dry feet come in different forms; from mild, temporary dry skin to severe dry skin. Some cracked feet can be attributed to lack of attention to foot care. The rim of the heel is the major culprit when it comes to this problem. It targets those who have thick callus feet.

Some cracked feet if not attended too may penetrate deep into the skin causing them to bleed. The skin on your feet does not have oil glands and thus it takes several thousand of sweat glands to keep it moisturized always. So those who are prone to this discomfort are those who fail to moisturize their feet.

Usually feet tend to be neglected of care by many, don’t ask us why, but we think because the feet are at the bottom of our body structure, thus, people give less attention to it and rather concentrate primarily on the upper body.



Causes of cracked feet

  1. Low humidity levels in the home and/or, office, etc . Heating systems tend to dry the air causing low humidity
  2. Soaps that is non- moisturizing
  3. Excessively hot showers and baths
  4. Aging: As we grow old, we naturally lose moisture in our skin
  5. Long periods spent in the sun
  6. A skin condition that dries the skin e.g. Eczema, Psoriasis, etc
  7. Being overweight: it causes excessive pressure on the feet pad leading to cracked feet
  8. Wearing footwear that causes discomfort or back open footwear may also lead to cracked heels


Here are some homemade remedies for your lovely feet


Exfoliating foot scrub

This scrub will make your feet soft and silky


  • 1 cup x Milk
  • 5 cups x Warm water
  • 4 tbsp. x Sugar or salt
  • Pumice stone
  • Foot pad
  • Thick moisturizer such as petroleum jelly
  • Socks
  • ½ cup x Baby oil or coconut oil


  • Soak feet for 10-15minutes in the mixture of warm water and milk
  • In a bowl, put baby or coconut oil and add sugar or salt to it and mix well, forming a paste
  • Massage this over your feet in circular motion for a few minutes and then scrub with the pumice stone
  • Rinse off and pat to dry
  • Before you go to bed rub your feet with a foot pad then apply petroleum jelly and put on your socks for minimum 4 hours


Note: Throughout the day the feet accumulates dead skin cells on the base. This foot scrub helps with the removal of these.


Banana pulp foot mask

Did you know that Banana is a moisturizer? Well, now you know!

Bananas are a healthy source of beauty boosting vitamins A, B, C, and E and minerals such as Iron, Zinc and Potassium.


  • Banana
  • Luke warm water


  • Take one banana and mash it with a fork or a mixer and apply it to your feet (you can also add pulp of half avocado as an alternative)
  • Wait for minimum 15 minutes and wash it off with the lukewarm water


This scrub is simple and yet very effective. It leaves your feet with a much softer and smoother feel.


Foot moisturizer

This moisturizer helps you in smoothening the dry and achy feet. Applying this daily would help you get rid of cracked heels and help you to develop your silky feet.


  • 1 tbsp. x Petroleum Jelly
  • Lime 2-3 drops
  • Luke warm water
  • Cotton socks


  • Make your own foot moisturizer by mixing 1 tablespoon of petroleum jelly with lime juice
  • Before applying this, soak your feet in lukewarm water for about 10 minutes and pat it dry.
  • Now apply the mixture by gently massaging your feet and cover your feet with cotton socks.


Note: Very simple and cost effective methods, hence no excuses of having cracked feet.


Foods that help you get rid of cracked Heels

  • Beans, Brown Rice,Flaxseed oil, Carrots, Cereals, Vegetable oils, Whole grain bread, Nuts, Milk, Yogurt, Chicken and Fish


They are many places in Lusaka that can offer nail & pedicure services.

Many nail technicians we interviewed have not been trained professionally.


BWZ recommends CNDC Shellac brand for long lasting choice because it is the best in the industry. Make sure that it actually says CNDC Shellac; if it does not say CNDC Shellac then it is not.

We noticed that when we asked to see the Shellac product, most hair dressers would show us another brand that is long lasting and claim it is Shellac then change to say that it is just as good. The truth is no, they are not. We tried and it’s a no!

Or Second option is OPI brand for long lasting choice. The OPI is very good as well; it has same attributes as CNDC Shellac. 

Beauty Spot at Twin Palm Mall in Avondale, Lusaka, specialises only with OPI products


Want to grow your our nails?


For growing your own nails we recommend Herome products. They are one of the best in industry and growth is guaranteed.

You can get Herome products at Leribaux hair at Corner Mall in Northmead, Lusaka.

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