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By Mutinta Marie



Hi ladies & gents Mutinta here!


Today my focus will be on concealers. Concealer is everybody’s friend. For those of you who don’t know what concealer is, let me enlighten you. Concealer or some say colour corrector is used to mask dark circles, age spots, large pores, and other small blemishes visible on the skin; basically it covers different pigments on your skin and helps to blend it to make an even skin tone. It is similar to foundation, but it’s thicker. Everyone can benefit from concealer; it just does wonders in enhancing your beauty. Here are my tips of every day cover up.


Under the Eyes


Even the most even complexion can feature discolouration under the eyes—as result of anything from lack of sleep to genetics. Dabbing a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone under and around your eyes will add a lifted effect to the area, making you look awake and refreshed. Try a creamy type of concealer such as LA girl gro concealer.


Around The Nose


A must! For those on the go. The area around our nostrils tend to redden, using concealer to match your skin tone on a well moisturized nose will keep you from looking like a circus clown. Try a full-coverage concealer with a built-in brush, such as the L’Oréal Paris super blend concealer.


The Mouth Area


Make your lip shape pop by priming around your mouth. I can recommend the creamy Bobbi Brown concealer. If you even out the concealer around the lips this will create a more defined lip line. Is your lipstick not bright enough? Then pat a bit of concealer over your lips before applying that beautiful sheer colour to up the glow factor.


Over Blemishes


Applying concealer generously to sporadic spots and blemishes is a great way to cover up what you don’t want to show.  I love the pencil option NYX concealer. Tip: Use powder to blend spot coverage and to even out and you’re good to go.


What do you think?


Signing out Mutinta

L’Oréal Paris Super Blend Concealer

L'oreal super blend concealer

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealers List

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

LA Girl Pro Concealer                                                                                  

LA Girl Pro concealer              

NYX Pencil Concealer

NYX Pencil Concealer



Our Favourite Swek Lippies

Lusaka is a seductive, rich amour of deep red.

Pretoria spells the spring of blossom pink youth.

Johannesburg has a subtle and cool easiness of the chocolate brown.

Livingstone reinstates your uniqueness with the colour of maroon.

Dodoma embraces boldness with the rains of purple.


SWEK COSMETICS can be found:



Proudly Zambian    



Make-Up Free For One Week

By Mutinta Marie


Hey dolls!


If you are a young lady in this day and age you are most likely to adore playing around with makeup on yourself. In a world of social media and especially YouTube with their varieties of makeup tutorials, it’s hard not to give into the pressure on knowing how to apply those stunning smokey eyes and arched eyebrows.


So I ask you ladies and gentlemen:


But why do we women wear makeup? Is it to feel more beautiful or what? To be noticed more?

Whatever the reason we can all agree that makeup enhances and covers up our flaws on our skin. Definitely would love to explore more about this topic another day.



Personally, I have to admit; makeup means a great deal, I hardly never leave the house without a face full of makeup, god no! But then, recently I came across an article that promotes ‘going makeup free’ for an entire week. Yes, you heard me, a week, 7 full days. I thought to myself hmmm and hmmm again like 10 times hmmm, and I eventually went for the challenge. I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the whole process, I completely surprised myself.


So before you completely shut this idea down, let me share my conclusions and I hope my conclusion will entice you to go for the challenge.

  • Your skin will thank you

Not applying foundation on my skin for a week allowed my skin to breathe and get the much needed break it deserved.

  • You will learn to love your face even more

I will admit I felt so exposed when I didn’t have makeup on for a few days but I got over it and that allowed me to embrace my flaws.

  • You will start loving your natural you.

You will feel more liberated and poised.

  • More time on your hands

On average women spend an hour using 10 types of beauty products to get their desired look. When I stopped wearing makeup for a week I found that my mornings were quick and easy and lots of time on my hands.


I  went back to my habit of  wearing makeup and I thoroughly enjoyed applying my makeup that day but  I should assert that the process allowed me not to be so dependent on makeup  and to embrace my natural me. I reckon I will start a new tradition from now on.



The Challenge:


  • Experience 1 week make-up free from the 4th -10th September 2017
  • Send us a 30 seconds video clip telling us about your experience of not wearing makeup for a week whether you had a good or bad experience. You should not be wearing makeup on the video.
  • Send us your videos between 11th-17th  September 2017


Are you up for the Challenge?


The winner will be announced on 25th September 2017.

The winner will receive a beauty hamper containing 9 original products to help you maintain that beautiful skin of yours and keep your products clean.



What do you think?

Signing out Mutinta

NARS Cosmetics Under fire!



NARS tells fans on Instagram ‘we hear you’ but we MUST comply with the law of the land.



And that law of the land is in China. NARS will be testing on animals for the China market. This is absolutely disgraceful. Trust the Chinese’s to be lagging behind from the rest of the rich countries.

There has been out right condemnation about this. You can see the animal rights organisations having a field day with this and they have every right to be outraged.

NARS continued to express that ‘they believe global elimination of animal testing must happen and they trust that products and ingredient safety can be proven by non-animal methods’.

My stance is: NARS how can you?

This situation right here is all about the bottom line! How much money they can make in that market, which is China. It’s got nothing to do with we have to follow the law. NARS is part of the Shiseido group, one of the giants in the cosmetic world, they could have easily said ok thanks but no thanks, and we won’t sell in China because of our values and integrity of the brand that we need to uphold with high standards and comply with the rest of the developing markets.


China is a huge market which equals to big revenue and therefore NARS settled for the revenues.


What’s NEW in the world of beauty?



Ladies, if you would like to dye your eyelashes, it is now possible!


‘The European Commission has given the go ahead for a number of dye ingredients to be used as eyelash dyes BUT and a very big BUT, only to be used by professionals.


When this technique reaches Zambia, ladies make sure the beautician is fully qualified and trained. You don’t want them dyeing your eyes out!


And don’t forget to inform us about your dying experience!



Source: Read all about it on the link below.


What’s trending in the beauty scene 2017?


Hello Eyebrow Wigs


This is not new, eyebrow wigs have been around for a while but this year they are trending like never before.

Wonder why? We think it’s due to the need of wanting those perfect shape of eyebrows.

Are you tired of doing your eyebrows every morning, trying to make them look perfect! Do you need fuller brows?

Look no further there is a solution, quick and easy.

Introducing ‘Eyebrow Wig’. All you need to do is glue it to your brow bone before applying your make-up and taaara! It’s done.

So what do you all think about this trend?

Anyone interested?


Top 50 Cosmetics 2017



It’s always interesting to know which brands are performing the best in the world and to know how it’s calculated to reach that position.


It can be puzzling to know which products are the real deals or just a fad. With all the beauty bloggers, Instagram stars and the Youtubers promoting; everyone holds their own and the rest of us can pretty much get confused. Hence we decided to give you just hard facts on the brands that are undoubtedly the best brands in the world and then you can take it from there.


Brand Finance released their annual report on the world’s most valuable cosmetics brands in April 2017.  Brand Finance looks at the cosmetic companies in terms of the brand business value, which looks at the overall company value; and they look at the brand contribution, that access the overall uplift in shareholder value that the business derivers from owning the brand ;  and they also look at the actual brand value, which focuses on the expectations and opinions held by customers and other stakeholders about the organisation and its product and services and lastly it looks at the brand strength which is rated by the brand strength index. Based on all those categories they are able to establish the best top cosmetics brands.



What will be interesting for us in the near future is to access which are the top brands that Zambians use. Watch this space our research is shortly on the way.


Here are the top 10 best Cosmetic Brands in 2017

  1. Jonson’s
  2. Gillette
  3. L’Oréal Paris
  4. Pantene
  5. Nivea
  6. Neutrogena
  7. Head & Shoulders
  8. Garnier
  9. Clinique
  10. Dove



Below are the rest of the cosmetics companies. Its good to see familiar brands that Zambians are familiar with.

  1. Jonson’s
  2. Gillette
  3. L’Orèal Paris
  4. Pantene
  5. Nivea
  6. Neutrogena
  7. Head & Shoulders
  8. Garnier
  9. Clinique
  10. Dove
  11. Maybelline
  12. Chanel
  13. Estèe Lauder
  14. Clarins
  15. Olay
  16. Shiseido
  17. Lancome
  18. Lynx
  19. Schwarzkopf
  20. Mac
  21. Pamolive
  22. Rexona
  23. Avon
  24. Aveeno
  25. Elvive
  26. L’Occitane
  27. Sulwhasoo
  28. Nutura
  29. Le Petit Marseillais
  30. Sunsilk
  31. Guerlain
  32. Innisfree
  33. Rejoice
  34. Laneige
  35. The Body Shop
  36. Lux
  37. Biorè
  38. SK-II
  39. Dail
  40. Kosè
  41. Safeguard
  42. L’Orèal
  43. Clean & Clear
  44. Old Spice
  45. Oriflame
  46. RoC
  47. Cover Girl
  48. Coty
  49. Clairol
  50. Hera



The Best foundations for women of colour



These are the 4 foundations that are considered the best for women of colour.


Becca: Ever matte shine proof foundation

NARS: Luminous weightless foundation

Giorgio Armani: Luminous silk foundation

Make Up Forever: Ultra HD


Not to say that the rest are not of good quality, they are good but these four are considered to be top notch.


Giorgio Armani: Luminous silk foundation

This is a silicone based fluid that contains oils that evaporate on the skin. It comes with very diverse shades of brown 24 to be exact therefore you are bound to find something for yourself. It has a silky finish and gives that luminous glow to your face.

Make Up Forever: Ultra HD

This foundation gives a fuller coverage; it is the high definition foundation. You will be camera ready once you have applied your make-up properly. It is water based, and therefore your pores are safe! It has a variation of 40 shades this is by far one of brands that understands what having comprehensive choice is.

NARS: Luminous weightless foundation

It’s an oil free product that gives a natural looking coverage and delivers up to 16 hours of wear. It has 20 different variations of deep shades and diverse undertone.

Becca: Ever matte shine proof foundation

This foundation will keep oily and combination skin in check. It features 21% pure pigment and 22% pure water as opposed to typical foundation with 10-15% pure pigment and 5-10% pure water. It has a full coverage and it does not feel like one because of their foundation formula. It has 20 different variations of shades.



Tip:  If you find yourself having between skin tones always choose something lighter because of the full coverage pigment.

So where can we find these in Zambia, any idea?


P.S. We would like to know BUT make sure they are originals and NOT fake branded goods?



What do you think?


Red the colour of love

Its cliché but I personally love Red Lipsticks especially for going out.  There is just something that is classic yet sexy about it!

With Valentines coming up, wear your favourite gorgeous red lipstick on your date night!

Here are my 5 favourite Red Lipsticks


  1. Smashbox Liquid Lipstick - ‘Bawse’

          A matte liquid lipstick suitable for everyone! It’s true

  1. Bobbi Brown- ‘Parisian Red’

          Love this red, a rich bright red. Very sexy!

  1. MAC- ‘Ruby Woo’

          This red lipstick is an Oldie but many red lipstick lovers just love it!

  1. Christian Dior – ‘Red Smile’

          This type of red lipstick compliments skin tones from fair to deep

  1. Make Up Forever – ‘Black Red’

          A red that creates a fine line between being sexy & delicate. It’s beautifully subtle