18 March 2017

Leribaux hair is looking for a brand ambassador?


Now we know that most brand ambassadors are famous people BUT we decided to acknowledge the rest of us- the infamous people for a change.


There are just 4 criteria

  1. Are you a socialite?
  2. Are you a social media junkie? DO you have a huge following?
  3. Are you independent?
  4. And do you love feeling beautiful


Are you the ONE or Do you know someone who fits the profile?  Then Apply


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The choosing the process

We need access to at least 2 of your social media profile, Facebook - (a must) and/or Instagram/ Twitter/Snapchat (this can prove that you have a large following and that you are socialite)

We will choose the final 10 and then…..

The 10 that we selected will be shown on our Facebook to be judged by our followers, the more likes you get the more likely you will be our brand Ambassador for the year


Good luck!

If you win….

First we will need your Registration Number.  (We need the original; then we make a copy and we need proof of address) and you will sign a contract for 1 year with 3 months’ probation.

 Your duties would be:

  • Show off our brand via wearing only Leribaux hair extensions
  • Create awareness for our brand
  • After 3 months trail -We need to see that YOU are making a difference for us In order for you to get the full range of our collections

Meet Abby

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Meet Mwiko


Fair Hair Care Organisation- Ethical hair extensions

By Sandra Leribaux

Our beloved country is flooded with synthetic hair that majority of the suppliers or the ladies who sell them for second income claim that they have real human hair.  Most of these sellers sale their so called ‘real human hair’ at horrendous prices basically at the same price as what it could cost if it was genuine human hair. It is bad business practice and kills the market. Just because the packet says real human hair doesn’t necessarily mean it is, especially if it comes from the land of Fongkong –China.

For those who claim they have real human hair and then sale it for K300-500 for a head, well come on people! Smell the coffee and know that you are being duped. It’s just high quality synthetic hair.


There are only a handful of re-sellers and brands that have genuine human hair extension, they are pricey but it’s worth the money. Genuine human hair can be kept for years, especially if you look after it very well.


We are thrilled that finally someone has thought of regulating and implementing processes & procedures to improve the standards of human hair extensions.

This brings power back to the consumer, the consumer will be able to make his/her choice to buy synthetic or the real deal.  We can soon say good bye to fakers, or at least we can easily catch them out.

That was one of the reasons that Fair Hair care organisation was founded because of these ridiculous prices for fake human hair and having no transparency in the market.


So what does Fair Hair Care Organisation want to achieve?



They are looking at setting up industry standards for manufactures and hair care companies that sell hair extensions.  They want to achieve this by ensuring manufactures follow a verification process that will be implemented by using scientist and hair extension experts.

They are introducing an ethical hair extension campaign and they are looking at raising 500,000 signatures worldwide to get moving. We have obviously signed up!


Fair hair care mission is to inspire consumers of hair extensions to make informed choices and influence brands to do so.


This is definitely needed for Zambia, and we will do our best to raise awareness for it once it has kicked off. Ladies no more paying more for high quality synthetic hair!!

We will be keeping you posted on any developments by Fair Hair Care.


What do you think?

Sources: Fair Hair care, Cosmetic Design Business


What to know before dying your hair

By Mutinta Marie


We get bored of our own hair sometimes and instead of the usual hair extensions or Mukele makeover some take that bold step and switch to dying their hair.  Hair dying remains a hot issue with Zambian women. In my opinion, what I have observed is; most women that are dying their hair are covering up their grey hair and for obvious reason; they don’t want anyone to know about the grey hairs spurring up.

After doing some research I found out that the colour Copper-blonde was the most requested colour followed by Red. I also found that men are increasingly covering up their grey hairs too.

The selection of colouring products and techniques is mind boggling. If you are thinking of colouring your hair at home it is less expensive because all you have to do is buy a box of hair dye.  I caution with that because sometimes things can go out of hand. It is very important to read the instructions thoroughly to avoid your hair becoming extremely dry, dull, and full of split ends and eventually breaking.


These are the few things you need to know about dying your hair:


  1. Don’t wash your hair before colouring .Your scalp produces natural oils that protect and condition your hair. Your natural oils can help prevent damage from hair dye.
  2. We would advise to deep condition your hair to prevent further damage by boosting moisturizer before eventually dying your hair.
  3. Be aware that our black African hair is usually drier than most other ethnic groups so it’s particularly vulnerable to damage from chemicals.
  4. Ammonia ingredient in dyes lifts the hair cuticle, and peroxide destroys the colour of your hair and which can cause the cuticle to swell and can ultimately damage the hair.
  5. The much safer option we advise to use semi- permanent or demi-permanent dyes; they are less damaging alternatives although they don’t last as long as the permanent dyes.
  6. Use good brand products some products that you may find in stores can do you more harm than good. If your hairdressers use cheap products that are unknown, why not ask him or her benefits and share with us please. Because not all cheap brands are bad but you can agree with me, they are suspicious. We need to start asking questions and start demanding quality.
  7. Many companies have introduced ammonia-free hair dyes, using substitutes like Ethanolamine. Look for products containing Ethanolamine ingredient. This ingredient doesn’t cause the cuticle to swell as much as ammonia.



I have seen first-hand the bad effect that hair dye can cause; it’s not a lovely site so you need to be very careful. My recommendation is to get it done professionally, just go to your hairdresser already! It will cost you an Ngwee or two but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you do it at a hairdresser at least you will be in the comfort of a professional hairdresser who is guarantee that it is done properly and hey, if it is not done well you can always sue them or get your money back.

Hair dye in Zambia costs vary and obviously I would recommend buying dyes with good brands albeit ensure that it is a genuine product and not Fongkong.

Recommending cheap dyes with no credible name is a big NO for me, you might end up with damaged hair as a result of the dye and in addition the colour might not even be what you wanted or it won’t last long. That is enough to put anyone off. Thus,’ buy cheap no name brands at your own risk’. 

My last word of advice for a person that wants to colour their hair is “do not be afraid to step out of the box”. Go for that stunning colour that you scared to wear, just do it!


Signing Out Mutinta

10 August 2017



I think I speak for most Zambian women, that we have a special relationship with our hair. Our hair is so important to us, maintaining and keeping it healthy can be such a mission. We spend a lot of time and money trying to find quality hair products and hair extensions all in the name of looking good.

In the past, across sub-Saharan Africa our kinky and curly hair was perceived to be ‘ugly’ hair when compared to straight & long hair from the Western & Eastern parts of the world. Luckily, nowadays more Zambian women are embracing their natural hair which is just beautiful!

I am excited to mention that currently the trend in natural hair in Lusaka is Bantu Knots. When I first came across the Bantu knots on my sister and her best friend, I was blown away by how the curls in their hair had such definition and I was keen on knowing more about this hairstyle. It’s a hairstyle that has made a comeback in a fresh kind of way, it’s a gorgeous hairstyle, it’s cost effective and it’s easy to learn on how to make them.


By definition, Bantu knots are a form of hairstyle that involves twisting the hair from the root in a circular motion into a knot. Not to be confused with the local hairstyle Vikuti. Vikuti   involves plaiting the hair into a knot!


Styling your Bantu knots once they are done is easy. You can keep them in a knot and throw on some accessories like hoop earrings or you can untie them and let those gorgeous curls run free. Whichever way you decide to style your knots, make sure you make a statement.

Signing out Mutinta


What do you think?

10 April 2017

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Raw or Natural Shea Butter



Why do we recommend and love Shea Butter?


Here is why

It is considered to be one of the best natural products to use for your skin and hair. I call it a multi-purpose product!

For the Hair: Shea butter repairs damaged hair and split ends, it also conditions and moisturises the hair. It has an overall benefit for the hair.

Shea butter can be used to make mixtures of hot oil treatments combining with other oils. It also can be used for scalp therapy because it doesn’t clog pores.

Shea butter is a natural SPF and protects against harmful sun rays. Applying a small amount of shea butter to your hair before going out in the sun is great for your hair.


Hint: For best results make sure that the shea butter you use is RAW/NATURAL.





I think it’s fair to say for most women they consider their hair as sign of beauty. We always want our hair to look good whether short or long…even bold.

When our hair looks bad we feel bad we want to cover our head, we don’t want to see anyone, we just want to crawl in our corner and deal with it. We rather have bad make-up then have a bad hair day.


What to use for my Natural hair?



They are tonnes of products out there BUT we are going to concentrate on products that we know and with products that are trending across the globe.

With natural we advise to use natural products. These products such as castor oil, shear butter coconut oil and olive oil.  Probably all hair dresser will agree with us that you can’t go wrong with the natural way.


Natural Hair Tip



Find a good leave in hair conditioner with is light & water based, our recommendation is Paul Mitchell –The conditioner.

After conditioning we recommend and good seal of butter or heavy oil this depends on how well your hair retains moisture. We recommend Shea butter or olive oil.

Hair extensions



We love all types of hair extensions whether it’s for braiding, weaving or highlighting. Hair extensions are one of those inventions that we thank God it exists.

Hair extensions allow you to transform, express and create your own individual style and look.


Where can you get high-end hair extensions in Zambia?



Leribaux hair is one of the best places that you can get high quality hair extensions in Zambia. They are the first online hair extension shop in Zambia and also have a showroom in Northmead, Lusaka They have different types, colours and are the only ones who offer the customer a choice to buy the quantity they want. They don’t force you to buy the whole bundle if you don’t need to. You might need extra hair extensions just for touch ups, highlights and so on.

Leribaux hair also offers special packages for bridal packages. They offer flexible payment terms for the brides and bridesmaid and they offer some extra treats for the bride to be.




Leribaux Hair @ Corner Mall

Shop No.32 (Upstairs)

Northmead, Zambia

Contact No. : +260 211 292 218

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