Africa Rising

The question is: Is Africa the next big thing in beauty?



So why are they getting more interested with Africa as each year passes by? This is because of the growing middle class that keeps rising .Hence, cosmetics companies are busy on how to approach the continent.


So far, this is what they have acknowledged; That Africa cannot be approached as a whole, it needs to be broken down country by country due to the complexity of each country, economic and political uncertainties as well as regulatory difficulties.

They have also realised that most African countries have no regulations on cosmetics, which further more leads to starting from scratch in some African countries.


Therefore European Cosmetics has lay down main objectives to work closely with some African countries authorities. And these are:

  1. Consumer safety as priority.
  2. Allow EU industry to rely on a regulatory system aligned with international practices.
  3. Encourage local manufactures to progressively adopt best practices.
  4. By meeting the requirements, stimulate their exports at international level.


Source: Cosmetic Design



Avon goes digital

Avon goes digital


This is an effort to rebrand itself for todays consumers.  The company hopes to move digital brochures in 12 countries.


’We are working intensively to build the right tools to support our 6 million strong network beauty entrepreneurs to help them provide a personal service to their customers that is underpinned by strong digital capabilities’’ says Jan Zijderveld, Avon CEO.


Beauty Trends of 2018

By Sandra Leribaux



This is our first publication of Beauty Trends. We are excited to share with you what the global projections are for the personal care and cosmetic industry for 2018. From what we have seen in 2017, we believe that we can safely predict the trends that will be significant in 2018. We want to ensure that our followers are aware of the new and exciting changes that will be coming up globally. So here is our take of the beauty market.


Download our publication here : Beauty World Zambia Beauty Trends of 2018



A glimpse of Beauty Trends



 Ajali Handmade Natural.  It is a 100% natural beauty product range crafted in Nigeri


A glimpse of Beauty Trends 2018

Nigeria stood out in 2017 due to the product called Ajali Handmade Natural. Their product has been able to capture international interest. Well done to the ladies

Bull dog

A glimpse of Beauty Trends 2018


Male Grooming


Google research has picked out male grooming as one the 4 key trends for the industry to watch. This is especially for men’s skincare especially in the following countries Japan, France and the US.


You can use your dogs hair to make tattoo ink

I know tattooing is not really a thing in  Zambia but you must give credit to creativity.

SKIN46 is a company that can extract clean carbon from  human and animal hair and is able to turn into ink for tattooing. Let’s see how this ventures will go.

Check out their website !


Dove : No more photoshop !

Dove : No more photoshop !


The brand is known for promoting healthy attitudes to appearance and bodies.  They have now announced ‘ A no digital distortion initiative’ Dove will add a watermark to all untouched promotional dove photos by 2019. No more photoshop!


The mark will help women identify reality and relieve some of the pressures to look a certain way and it is another way to encourage other brands to follow suit, we are hoping more brands join us in this movement, as this commitment needs to be widespread” say  Sophie Galvini, global vice president of Dove.



I think this is good news, the models and celebrities really give many consumers stress on how good they look, and in turn we want to look just as good as them. But in fact they photoshop a lot of their photos to make them look perfect.  We at BWZ think, its about time this is happening!

What do you think?



Green & Clean : Going green in shaving

Green & Clean : Going green in shaving

By Sandra Leribaux



Remember the UK Male Grooming brand called Bull Dog that was making the trends last year in 2017 (Check out our Beauty Trends of 2018).

Bull Dog have come up with a new concept, ‘Ethical Shaving’. Yes, ethical!

They have come up with a sustainable bamboo razor. It’s made of bamboo and its full replaceable. This is an alternative to cheap disposable razors. Many companies are trying to reinvent themselves, as society is becoming more environmentally conscious.
So do you think this will attract new buyers seeing that they are making the effort to be eco-friendly?

What does that even mean for the Zambian Market ?



What do you think?



Anyone interested in any Bull Dog products  in Zambia? Give us shout!

Source : Bulldog 


Globally Aligned Beauty Industry

                                                                                             With political instability and trade war threatening

We look at  one of beauty and personal care industry leader, John Cave suggestions and perspective on the issue of instability, trade wars and issues that challenges the industry.

John Chave, Director-General Cosmetic Europe industry association represents the interest of the whole Europe Market.

He said in an interview with Cosmetic Design Europe recent Annual Conference ‘ Instability is a concern for any trading industry. What we want is a stable growing world, we want a rule based trade order,’ he says.

Having a globally aligned industry in Europe is very important, its not only multinationals that act globally, even SME participate in global compatibility. This is something that the association understands as highly important and necessary to continue. With all the efforts of aligning the industry , they have seen positive developments through the years.

China and India are not aligned with European markets but we can see that they are slowly moving in the right direction. We are seeing new regulations in India and new regulations is  being discussed Israel.

On the trade war issue, they are disappointed to be caught up in it. When Donald Trump, the American President announced tariffs on Aluminium and steel, the European Commission  included Cosmetics products in its retaliatory measures, which was approved on 22 June 2018. Canada has also included Cosmetic products as retaliatory measures.

To be caught up in this trade war, we don’t know how long this will last for, how fundamental  damage will be, this is a concern for all organisations whether a multinational or SMEs. We can only hope that this is a temporary situation.

In terms of challenges, John Chave  says that there is two principals that challenges the industry.

  1. To maintain as wide a palette of ingredient as we can possibly can
  2. Is linked to scientific and evidence based policy making.

Many in the industry know that the range of ingredients available has been reduced . Therefore we can’t innovate in same way as before due to restrictions of animal testing, in addition, because some of the classes of ingredients ( preservatives) have come under pressure.

Regarding the scientific and evidence based policy making, everyone is aware that our policy is RISK BASED REGULATIONS. Recently we have seen some stakeholders move towards HAZARD BASED APPROACH. Taking out the exposure element, which I think it’s a threat to our industry.

Our risk and evidence based approach is sound and has stood the test of time , it has now been challenged by emotions around issues less recourse to evidence than there was in the past. We know need to find ways to defend our evidence based philosophy .

Both issues are global concerns, what happens in Europe is in many ways a global issue because of the sophisticated  regulation, which is rather sophisticated than anywhere in the world- they look to Europe for leadership in this type of issues. So it’s fair to say what happens in Europe, has a global ramification.

Source: Cosmetics Design Europe