Annie Nails Studio & Hair Salon – Northmead Area


Annie Nails Studio & Hair Salon @ Seven Diamonds Shopping Mall, Shop No.5, Northmead, Lusaka

Tel: +260 977 821 864



Interview with Annie Kanyembo and Mercy Chishimba

Miss Anne has 17 years of nail technician experience and has always worked in the striving hair district, Northmead area in Lusaka. The longest so far we have encountered. She is definitely one of the first ladies in Lusaka to have been operating as a nail technician, she claims with confidence.

She first started off by having interest and learnt how to do basic nail techniques through a friend, she then sponsored herself to get trained in South Africa at Planet nails and that was the beginning of the end. She has never regretted that decision.

She offers Acrylic, Gel, Fibre Glass, Silk, Stick-On’s, Manicure and Pedicures.

Anne only uses Planet nails products, she swears by them, the brand has not let her down and she has not had complaints from her customers, in fact she gets many referrals.  She prefers to use the same brand to remain consistent and in order to know the brand on an expert level.  It is safe to say that Anne is quite known in the industry and has a huge clientele dating back for over a decade and we can safely say she is very professional, passionate and you can see that she loves her career.  We say well done to her.

In her opinion the trend now in Nail service is Gel, it’s getting more popular and she thinks it’s due to the kind of colours they offer, it last longer and does not chip easily.

What is also trending is applying Gel or Fibre Glass on toe nails, the demand has gradually increased.

Beautician – Mercy

Mercy is the Beautician and also the manager of the place. Mercy studied Human Resources at first to please her parents; she then followed her passion and decided to study Cosmetology at Zambia Cosmetology Consultancy Limited (ZCCL) for 1 year.  Her passion started through doing nails on her mother, helping her with make-up since her early teen years. She says:

I love Beauty, I love make-up and I love being a woman.  I like everything about it, I even like it when a customer says ouchish when I am waxing them’, she laughs!!

You can see it in her eyes; she just adores what she does; such potential and such passion.



BWZ: What kind of facial treatments do you offer here?

Mercy: We do mask treatments as well as facial waxing and body waxing

BWZ:  What do you mean Mask treatments?

Mercy: We cleanse and exfoliation, remove of impurities, basic massages on face and then we add a face mask

BWZ: What does the facial and body waxing entail?

Mercy:  We remove unwanted hair and leave your face & body smooth and free of hair for weeks

BWZ: What do people wax the most?

Mercy:  In my experience people wax the chin and lips and on the body the most common is bikini wax

BWZ: What kind of products do you use for your waxing and facials?

Mercy:  We use Obey products, Queene Helene and Herbal Mask

BWZ: How do you know which products to use on someone?

Mercy:  We do consultation first and for an acne treatment or sensitive we have certain kind of products by Obey and for normal skins we use Herbal masks or Queene products.



They offer professional make-up do’s for events such as weddings, birthday etc.

BWZ: What types of make-up brand do you use?

Mercy:  We use Glazzi Professional make-up products. It’s a fantastic brand, firstly its water proof. You need to wash with soap to remove the make-up. We also have it for sale.

BWZ: Do you have all the shades of foundation and concealers for different skin tonnes?

Mercy: Unfortunately we do not have but some customers come with their own concealers and foundation

BWZ: What are the trends for make-up these days?

Mercy:  Most customers want their eyebrows to be defined. It’s the first thing they ask, ‘do you know how to do eyebrows’, she laughs again!



BWZ: What type of massage do you offer?

Mercy: We offer Swedish and Aromatherapy massage

BWZ: What are differences between the two types of massages?

Mercy:  The Swedish massage is for relaxing the entire body. This is done by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes which improves circulation of blood and it also improves in flexibility while easing tension. While Aromatherapy massages uses essential oils to help release aches and pains, such as back nots as well as anxiety release.

BWZ: Did you train as a Masseur or massage therapist as well?

Mercy: Yes it was part of my training at ZCCL and we also learnt about autonomy.

BWZ: What type of customers do you get for massages?

Mercy: We have a mixed crowd but it’s mainly co-operate women.



Interview with Chisenge & Ednar

Chisenge & Ednar are the specialists in hair and braiding. Chisenge has been a hair dresser for 5 years and she is self-taught. Ednar has been a hair dresser for 7 years and also self-taught.

They both do styling and treatments for relaxed hair and they both weave and braid. Their in house products are Olive Oil Organic, Beautiful Begins, Soft & Shine and Soft & Free and Dark & Lovely.

They also have a secret homemade product for detoxing the hair they use for treatment as well as Chlorestro and Henna.

BWZ: What type of weaving do you offer?

C &E: We do invisible with glue, glue & net and with sewing. We also do Open and Closed weaves, Bob, Razor cut and Micro bonding

BWZ: What type of braiding do you offer?

C&E: We offer cork screw, a range of mukeles, twist, box braids and ordinary picking and many more.

BWZ: What are the trends now in your opinion?

C&E:  It depends on the weather, when it’s hot it’s normally short weaves and in winter people want to do long extensions or long braids and now in Spring it’s a mix.


BWZ Critic

An absolute pleasure being at Annie Studio, a great team spirit. They have a lot to offer and are there to stay in the industry.

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